Litter boxes can be quite a hassle. They can be smelly, messy dirty and may require a lot of time and attention. Time is not something most people would have and those who do would surely not want to spend it by scooping litter.

The makers of LitterMaid Litter Boxes have come up with an easy solution to minimize the difficulties of handling litter boxes. These are the Littermaid automatic or mechanical cat litter boxes. A LitterMaid Litter Box is a happy compromise between the cat and the owner. Littermaid is a large, open and shallow cat litter box with a motor assembly that drags rakes or tines across the litter field once the cat has exited the box after elimination.

The LitterMaid Litter Box at Work
Littermaid LitterboxThe sensors are triggered once the cat leaves the Littermaid unit. This sets the timer for the cleaning cycle. After 10 minutes, the cleaning cycle starts. The rake will move the waste clumps into the Littermaid waste receptacle. If the cat re-enters the Littermaid box before the 10 minutes have elapsed, the timer will automatically reset and delay the beginning of the cleaning cycle for an additional 10 minutes. The LitterMaid will definitely not start a cleaning cycle while the cat is inside so there is no cause for worry of any unexpected accident.

The sensor on the Littermaid unit needs to be completely blocked for at least 5 minutes before it is triggered. The rake will stop and reverse if the safety bar touches any object that has gotten behind the rake while it is returning to its original position. The rake will open the Littermaid waste receptacle compartment cover and deposit the clumps into the waste receptacle before closing the cover.

The Littermaid sealed disposable waste receptacle makes it possible to have a safe and easy means of waste disposal when full. The two push tabs in the waste receptacle compartment cover just needs to be pressed for quick removal. The compartment cover is then lifted to expose the closed disposable waste receptacle assembly. You have to press in on all four corners of the lid to secure it to the waste receptacle. The Littermaid disposable waste receptacle edge is pulled free from the tabs holding it in place, lifted out and disposed.

The Littermaid litterbox is recommended for cats over 6 months of age. It is an automated litter box thus it requires electricity or 8 D cell batteries. Littermaid units should be placed near a power outlet. You can keep your Littermaid unit turned off and just have it switched on when you are present to empty the receptacle. It is important that you use only premium litter to avoid clumps that break-up and a box that would not be properly cleaned. The LitterMaid Litter Box is ideal for cats that are especially finicky about using dirty litter box.