LitterMaid LM700

Probably the most unpleasant chore in owning a cat is cleaning the litter box. The makers of LitterMaid litter boxes have proved time and again that they are committed to coming up with consistently better products. The is an improvement of earlier models because of its quieter motor.

With complaints about the motor noises that scare the cats or can be heard all over the house, the LM700 will prove to be a relief. It has infrared sensors that send a rake through the litter to scoop up the waste and deposit it into resealable receptacles 10 minutes after the cat’s exit from the unit. As some of the other models of LitterMaid litter boxes, the Littermaid LM700 works only with the use of premium clumping litter. The amount of the litter needed is far less than what you would use for a conventional litter box. This product is a huge help in reducing odor.